With iPhone 4.0 OS AT&T May Allow Tethering

With the release of iPhone 4.0 OS, there are signs that AT&T is preparing to allow tethering on the iPhone. This discovery of AT&T support came Tuesday night when Apple released to developers the fourth beta of iPhone 4.0 OS.

Tethering allows users to connect cellular devices to laptops either via a cable or wireless link, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This feature has been available since the 3.0 iPhone OS, but was not enabled by AT&T due to network capacity concerns.

Customers, however, may not have to wait much longer for the feature. A configuration message for Internet tethering in the latest iPhone 4.0 beta has been spotted. The page informs AT&T customers that they need to contact the carrier or go on its Web site to activate the feature.

iPhone OS 4 is scheduled to ship this summer for the iPhone and iPod touch and in the fall for the iPad.


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