Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview is Out

The Windows Mobile platform is in great need of an overhaul, and Microsoft is taking great pains to make sure they do a lot of things right this time. After the recent Kin failure, the pressure is on to deliver a product that will help them gain market share. Since Windows Phone 7 is a complete rewrite of their mobile phone OS, not just an upgrade, it signals a necessary break from it’s past history.

One thing that becomes evident during the setup of the phone is that it integrates cloud services, such as Windows Live Skydrive, Zune Marketplace with Social Networks like Facebook as well as email and contacts from Hotmail, Gmail, etc. Most reviewers report that the menus and buttons are responsive and the virtual keyboard is easy to use.


Information Week Demonstration Video of WP7


From the way things are shaping up, Microsoft may still be in the mobile phone game. The beta of this system is still unfinished, but what has been seen so far does show promise, especially if subsequent versions continue to fill in and eliminate some of the initial shortcoming of the system.


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