Verizon Unleashes New Prepaid Plan – Unlimited for $ 50 a Month

Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) launched a major new service dubbed “Verizon Unleashed,” which offers prepaid unlimited wireless calling, texting and data for $50 per month. The service is a direct attack on the unlimited offerings of Sprint Nextel, Boost Mobile brand, as well as regional carriers like MetroPCS and Leap Wireless.

Verizon Unleashed offers unlimited talking, texting and mobile Web access for $50 per month. Right now the service is available on three feature phones, which range in price from about 40 dollars to 99.

The plan has launched in parts of Southern California and Florida, east of Panama City. These are areas of heavy competition with other prepaid carriers that offer unlimited plans.

“The plan appears to fit well with going after the Boosts and Virgin Mobiles of the world without compromising Verizon Wireless postpaid subscribers, since it appears that there are only three devices to choose from and those devices appear to be all feature phones,” Henderek wrote. “In addition, the plan does not offer data roaming and comes with a Catch 22 where customers must maintain a balance of at least the total of their monthly bill or calls will cost 25 cents per minute and data 99 cents per day.”

Verizon last year tested a $50 prepaid monthly unlimited plan across the Southeast. The tests covered 11 states.




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