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AT&T Kills Unlimited Data Pricing, Supports iPhone Tethering

AT&T recently announced changes to data plan pricing that will go into effect on June 7th, the same day that Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone. The new pricing will be tiered in an effort to charge more for heavy data usage and less for average, more moderate to light usage.

Here is the breakdown of the data usage plans:

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With iPhone 4.0 OS AT&T May Allow Tethering

With the release of iPhone 4.0 OS, there are signs that AT&T is preparing to allow tethering on the iPhone. This discovery of AT&T support came Tuesday night when Apple released to developers the fourth beta of iPhone 4.0 OS.

Tethering allows users to connect cellular devices to laptops either via a cable or wireless link, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This feature has been available since the 3.0 iPhone OS, but was not enabled by AT&T due to network capacity concerns.

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