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Coming Soon: Open Your Hotel Room With Your Smartphone

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OpenWays lets you turn your smartphone into a key

Openways has developen an application that allows you to open your hotel room with your smartphone. It will be compatible with most hotel lock technologies. For those that have ever had problems getting your key card to work, this is great news. This technology has the potential to go beyond locked hotel doors into other applications.

According to Openways the app uses the speaker in your smartphone to generate a specific tone that is picked up by the lock mechanism. This tone is different at each use, so there is no danger of someone recording the tone to get access.

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Hackers plant viruses in Windows smartphone games

3D Anti-Terrorist and PDA Poker Art are smartphone games that you might find on any legitimate mobile software site. What’s different about these two programs is that they are bundled with malware. The malicious software automatically dials premium-rate telephone services in Somalia, Italy along with other countries, potentially racking up hundreds of dollars in usage charges.

According to John Hering, CEO of Lookout, a San Francisco-based security firm, the victim quite often does not know their phone has been compromised until they receive their phone bills and see the huge charges, on their wireless bill

The programmers of the software also operate the premium services that the victim’s phones dial into.