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iPhone Trade-In Volume Jumps Almost 1,000%

Users of earlier generation iPhones are trading in their phones at record levels. Gazelle, a consumer trade-in service says that the large number of trade-ins by iPhone users is to fund the purchase of the new iPhone 4 when it hits the market. They also state that the trade-in traffic for older iPhones is up nearly 1,000% from last year at this time.

Users of older iPhones are trading in their Apple handsets in record numbers and most if not all are planning to use the proceeds to purchase Apple’s new iPhone 4. » Read more

AT&T Will Offer Insurance for iPhones

Up till now, iPhone customers were not able to get insurance coverage on their phone through their wireless carrier. The only way to get protection from drops, water damage, theft or loss, would be through a provider like Square Trade.

The coverage will be underwritten by Asurion and will be available on June 6 under the “Mobile Protect” product name. The plan will run $ 13.99 per month, and will be billed on a credit card through iTunes and will not appear on the customers wireless bill.

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With iPhone 4.0 OS AT&T May Allow Tethering

With the release of iPhone 4.0 OS, there are signs that AT&T is preparing to allow tethering on the iPhone. This discovery of AT&T support came Tuesday night when Apple released to developers the fourth beta of iPhone 4.0 OS.

Tethering allows users to connect cellular devices to laptops either via a cable or wireless link, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This feature has been available since the 3.0 iPhone OS, but was not enabled by AT&T due to network capacity concerns.

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AT&T’s de la Vega downplays prepaid growth, potential iPhone loss

AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de Vega dismissed the growth of the prepaid wireless market and insisted that the real industry growth is  in mobile data plans and “connected” devices.

This was de la Vega’s assessment of prepaid at a recent investor conference. He downplayed the importance of prepaid which is experiencing growth, while the postpaid market has flattened. AT&T’s current offerings reflect the company’s approach of maintaining tolerable, but not competitive prepaid plans in place. “The growth opportunity in this country is in postpaid data,” de la Vega said. “It’s not in prepaid voice.”
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More iPhone 4G Leaks from Vietnam Apple A4 Processor Spotted

1 Apple A4 Getting Torn Apart in Vietnam

2 A4 Processor is Revealed

Just a couple of weeks after the Gizmodo iPhone 4G fiasco, more photos of the prototype are emerging. This time they are coming from Vietname and include a tear-down of the phone.

One thing noticed is the A4 processor, which is the processor that is used in the iPad.

Who knows what’s next? With the Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference starting June 7th, who knows what will before then?