T-Mobile Offers $50 Unlimited Text and Voice Prepaid Plan

T-Mobile is joining other carriers at the $ 50 unlimited prepaid price point. This new plan will become available today. Other plans being launched include a $ 15 per month unlimited texting and video. Voice calls with this plan will be charged at 10 cents per minute. The $ 50 unlimited plan includes unlimited voice and texting.

T-Mobile Even More Plus no-contract plans were previously priced at unlimited voice and texting for $59.99 per month or unlimited voice for $49.99 per month. T-Mobile’s premier Even More Plus plan offers subscribers unlimited voice, texting and web browsing for $79.99 per month. The prepaid plan now costs less than the comparable post-paid plan.

T-Mobile reported a loss of 77,000 subscribers in Q1 of this year, and also reported gaining 41,000 prepaid customers.

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