Switching from iPhone to Android

Jason Cross writes in his article why he switched from iPhone to Android. He is joining a number of techies that are doing just that. He’s getting in line with the likes of Daniel Lyons and scores of nerds and cellular enthusiasts that are leaving their iPhones behind to join the Google Android crowd.

Why would anyone switch from their iPhone to another platform, like Android? The first reason for a lot of people is the AT&T network. In certain metro areas, a customer with 4 bars on their phone can drop a call, or not be able to connect one of their apps to the network. I nice fancy phone does you no good if you can’t get it to work! This has long been a source of frustration that is still continuing for some.

Then there’s Apples’ closed system. All Apple apps have to go through the  App Store, so that Steve can make more money from his customers. Changes that will take place with the OS4 update will even tighten that rein, by restricting the tools that developers can use.

It’s possible to have a great product that is designed, built and powered by one company that handles all aspects of the device down to the software. It is slso possible to have a great product build on an open or cooperative platform that leverages the creativity of all participants and doesn’t dictate to supplier or customer what should happen.

We know were Apple stands right now with the iPhone. Let’s see where they stand a year from now.

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