Cell Phone Customer Service Gets High Marks

Consumer satisfaction is hitting an all-time high for cell phone service, according to a new survey released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Sprint demonstrated a big improvement from last year’s survey after making big efforts to improve customer service. Sprint’s customer satisfaction score is now just above AT&T’s.

The Customer Satisfaction Index for cell providers was 72 (out of 100) for the first quarter of 2010. This was 3 points higher than last year, and is an all-time high since the service began for wireless carriers in 2004. This increase in satisfaction is having a financial impact on carriers, as they are experiencing fewer subscribers cancelling every month.

Sprint Nextel Corp has experienced the greatest increase, increasing its score from 63 to 70. Sprint has experienced a 7 point increase each year for the past two years. This improvement can be attributed to improved customer service. Sprint’s customer loss has also decreased over the last six months.


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