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AT&T is Reportedly Ordering 8 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices

Altimeter analyst Michael Gartenberg is reporting, via twitter, that based upon information from a reliable source, that AT&T has ordered 8 million Windows Phone 7 devices. What’s not clear is whether that is a single order, or how much AT&T expects to acquire and sell over the lifetime of the model.

In comparison to the iPhone, this is equal to the number of iPhones that Apple moved in Q2 2010.

In any event this is a significant number for a brand new mobile phone platform. Microsoft is definitely not expecting a repeat of the Kin.


Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview is Out

The Windows Mobile platform is in great need of an overhaul, and Microsoft is taking great pains to make sure they do a lot of things right this time. After the recent Kin failure, the pressure is on to deliver a product that will help them gain market share. Since Windows Phone 7 is a complete rewrite of their mobile phone OS, not just an upgrade, it signals a necessary break from it’s past history.

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Samsung Galaxy S Phones Land at US Carriers

Samsung has a version of it’s Galaxy S smartphone on all four major US carriers. It is also bringing the device to regional carrier US Cellular.

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iPhone Trade-In Volume Jumps Almost 1,000%

Users of earlier generation iPhones are trading in their phones at record levels. Gazelle, a consumer trade-in service says that the large number of trade-ins by iPhone users is to fund the purchase of the new iPhone 4 when it hits the market. They also state that the trade-in traffic for older iPhones is up nearly 1,000% from last year at this time.

Users of older iPhones are trading in their Apple handsets in record numbers and most if not all are planning to use the proceeds to purchase Apple’s new iPhone 4. » Read more

Motorola Announces 2GHz Android Phone

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha recently made an announcement that is getting lots of attention from Android phone watchers. During a recent presentation in Chicago he indicated that Motorola will be producing a 2GHz Android smartphone. This phone is expected to hit the market before the end of the year.

A 2GHz chip doubles the speed of the fastest phones available now. The HTC EVO and the iPhone 4 each use a 1 GHz processor. Motorola is aiming the new device at the business market, where such horsepower could be used for a host of new mobile business applications. » Read more

The 4G HTC EVO Arrives

Sprint Nextel is celebrating The HTC EVO, the first 4G phone in the US as its next big seller, and hopefully, one of its flagship products. There is much with the device to be admired. It boasts a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, an 8 megapixel camera on the back, a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front, an 8GB microSD memory card, Android 2.1 OS and a Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

The HTC EVO is not without its problems. Some users have encountered a problem with the 8GB memory card not being accessible. Many users are finding that restarting the phone or switching out the card fixes the problem. HTC promises to send out an update to fix this issue. Like some other large screened phones, there have been complaints about battery life.

The phone retails for $ 199 with a two year contract and a $ 100 mail in rebate. Sprint will be pushing it’s Everything Data plan for $ 69.99. There will also be a $ 10.00 add-on fee for accessing Clearwire’s mobile WiMAX network.

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AT&T Will Offer Insurance for iPhones

Up till now, iPhone customers were not able to get insurance coverage on their phone through their wireless carrier. The only way to get protection from drops, water damage, theft or loss, would be through a provider like Square Trade.

The coverage will be underwritten by Asurion and will be available on June 6 under the “Mobile Protect” product name. The plan will run $ 13.99 per month, and will be billed on a credit card through iTunes and will not appear on the customers wireless bill.

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Switching from iPhone to Android

Jason Cross writes in his article why he switched from iPhone to Android. He is joining a number of techies that are doing just that. He’s getting in line with the likes of Daniel Lyons and scores of nerds and cellular enthusiasts that are leaving their iPhones behind to join the Google Android crowd.

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With iPhone 4.0 OS AT&T May Allow Tethering

With the release of iPhone 4.0 OS, there are signs that AT&T is preparing to allow tethering on the iPhone. This discovery of AT&T support came Tuesday night when Apple released to developers the fourth beta of iPhone 4.0 OS.

Tethering allows users to connect cellular devices to laptops either via a cable or wireless link, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This feature has been available since the 3.0 iPhone OS, but was not enabled by AT&T due to network capacity concerns.

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Palm Pre Plus hits AT&T

The Official Palm Blog announced that the Palm Pre Plus webOS phone is now available on the AT&T network. This now makes the phone available on all leading US cellular carriers.

The phone sells for $ 150 with a new contract. Mobile hotspot tethering will cost $ 30.00 per month.

The question remains how well the Palm Pre Plus will do against the iPhone. Because of slow sales Verizon cut the phone price to $ 30.00 and threw in Mobile HotSpot, normally $ 30.00 per month, for free. Unless AT&T adds some incentives, we can expect that this Palm model will wither on the vine at AT&T.

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