AT&T Kills Unlimited Data Pricing, Supports iPhone Tethering

AT&T recently announced changes to data plan pricing that will go into effect on June 7th, the same day that Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone. The new pricing will be tiered in an effort to charge more for heavy data usage and less for average, more moderate to light usage.

Here is the breakdown of the data usage plans:

DataPlus: Covers up to 200 MB of data for $15 per month. If users exceed the 200MB limit, they can purchase an additional 200 MB block of data. According to AT&T, 65 percent of it’s smartphone  users average less than 200 MB in monthly usage.

DataPro: provides up to 2 GB of data for $ 25 per month, with an additional 1 GB of data for $ 10 more. AT&T Says that 98 percent of it’s smartphone customers use less than 2 GB of data per month.

Tethering: Customers with the DataPro plan can add tethering to their plan for $ 20 more per month. The new iPhone OS 4 will support tethering.

The new data plans come as a two-edged sword for AT&T. Everyone knows of their network data performance issues due to the increase in data usage that has been attributed to iPhone usage. The new plan rewards light users with a lower monthly fee, and requires heavier users to pay for their additional load on the network.

We can expect Verizon to follow suit, while at the lower end, we may see continued data rate competition.


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